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Criteria for Choosing a Tax Preparer

How much experience does your preparer have in taxes?

Did your processor just take a crash course in the tax software a month ago?

Fast Cash Taxes is run by Gregory Solsrud, a licensed Georgia attorney with over twenty years experience in taxes. He has advised and resolved problems for hundreds of clients. Fast Cash trains and educates its tax preparers year-round. Mr. Solsrud has create a "double-check" system to have two sets of trained eyes looking over your return. Fast Cash Taxes was considered as the best choice to receive your maximum tax refund with no compromised.

On April 16th (the day after the tax filing deadline), where is your tax processor?

After the tax season, does your tax processor office close? We stay open year-round, just like the IRS. Our clients can come into the office and receive answers on their schedule.

Does your processor have any specialized knowledge or are they merely entering information into a computer?

Many processors only take the information you give them, enter into a program and push the print button. Garbage in means garbage out.

Mr. Solsrud trains and advises his preparers on how to spot additional tax credits, avoid audit red flags and increase your refund legally. Fast Cash Taxes wants you to receive the maximum refund - you need it!

Are you a number to a large corporation?

We are a local tax preparation company founded by a Georgia attorney. Our key staff are lifelong Georgia residents. We focus on you, our client; without you, we have no company.

Has your tax processor ever participated in a tax audit?

Experience is the best teacher for giving sound advice and performing well. Most, if not all, tax processors are temporary, part-time workers with little or no experience in taxes. Falsely or poorly prepared returns can cost you money and land you in jail. Our tax attorney owner has counselled many clients and takes a personal interest in each of his clients with his company. Tax audits are part of what the IRS does. If it happens to you, we will stand with you. Please visit our section on our FREE “Audit Assist Guarantee” with every return and our “PEACE OF MIND” Audit Representation Service.
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