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About Us – Fast Cash Tax Preparer

Why You Should Use Fast Cash As Your Tax Preparer

Our offices are open all year. We do not close our doors on April 16th. Whether you need a copy of your tax return or help with an IRS notice, we will assist you. We strive to provide you with professional service and technical expertise for your peace of mind earned through trust and confidence.

Please share your experience with us on Facebook and tell your friends 5 GREAT REASONS why they should use our tax preparation services.

1. We seek potential refunds to which you are entitled.

We don’t just concentrate on the basics of a tax return. We look for available and legal tax deductions and credits.

2. We uncover any potential tax breaks.

We will get a fairly clear picture of your financial circumstances, and should be able to give you at least some basic advice as to some steps that you could take to give you added advantages on your taxes.

3. We ensure to avoid any unnecessary IRS penalties from errors.

As your preparer, we will ask you some basic questions as to whether you have any other type of income, just to ensure that you are not forgetting anything.

4. We prevent you from heading in the wrong direction in your tax matters.

We analyze your return to put you in a better tax position.

5. We create better odds of not being flagged for an audit.

We understand IRS audit "red flags" and will advise you how to avoid them.

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