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Why Use Us

Why You Should Use FAST CA$H Services As Your Tax Preparer

We strive to provide our clients with professional services and technical expertise for greater peace of mind developed through trust and confidence in our organization.  Operated by a licensed Georgia Attorney, we pride ourselves in meeting the following the requirements:


1.    We help you realize any potential return to which you are entitled

We go beyond the basics of a tax return. We put the effort into looking for all the potential that is available for you. We dig to find if there may have been something that you have neglected or overlooked in the past.  Our thoroughness might lessen the amount of taxes you have to pay or increase your refund.

Example: Many seniors are not aware of what they are able to claim on their taxes.  They may be able to claim a portion of their rent. As your knowledgeable tax preparer, we will examine your tax situation and pursue any advantages.

2. We uncover any potential tax breaks of which you are not taking advantage

We will get a clear picture of your financial circumstances.  We will be able to give you some basic advice as to some steps that you could take to give you added advantages on your taxes.

Example: You may be in a position to take advantage of split income.  If a tax opportunity is available, we, as your knowledgeable tax preparer, will point this out to you.

3. We ensure that you will not be penalized for overlooked or simple errors

Many times individuals don’t fully realize all of the various types of income that they must claim. As your professional, we will ask you some basic questions as to whether you have any other type of income, to ensure nothing is omitted.

4. Preventing you from heading in the wrong direction in your tax matters

You may base your investment decisions on misinformed tax advice. We will be able to tell you if you are on the right track or not.

5. Creating better odds of not being flagged for audit

The software we use means less chance of your tax return being audited because of multiple errors. The less attention you draw to your tax return the better. This doesn’t mean that you won’t at some time be chosen by the IRS for a tax audit; however, it should reduce the chances. Clients can always choose to purchase our company-provided audit insurance, Protection Plus.

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